Sunday, 10 April 2011

This is my list of words that i got from the music. The stars next to the words are the ones i've chosen. I've chosen futuristic, isolated and strange.


I've decided to change one of my words and ideas, i was originally going to make an animtation about a creature/robot but now ive decided to go for a robot who is different from all the rest. The robot will be more elongated that the others and oddly shaped which causes the robot to be sad and isolated from the others because to them he is strange.

I'm unsure about the ending but i think im going to create it in such a way that it is unclear as to what happens and people can make their own minds up. I'm ending it where the robot comes to a giant glowing ball and jumps in. I'm going to make an effect that will make it look like the light is streaming through the joints of the robot like he is going to be teleported or incinerated, also the light will gradually grow until the robot is completely consumed. The viewers can make up their mind on what happens to the robot.

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