Wednesday, 4 May 2011


These are some drawings from my sketchbook about the three words to help with ideas and development.

These are designs for the city landscape for the animation, these are just a few building ideas for the first scene.
These are backgrounds for the different locations in my animation.

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Dancing Skeleton

Here im experimenting with After Effects during a tutorial learning to rotate, move and parent layers. I Also added some music so i know how to do it when i make my final animation.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011


This is my final storyboard showing all the scenes that will be in my animation.

animation practice

I've make an animation using the drawing of my robot on after effects to see if the software works and what it would look like if i was to cut and paste the moving arm. It's very crap and short but it works.

Robot Design

These are robot designs for my animation which i drew in my sketchbook.

For my robot design im going to have the outline in bright blue which i hope to make it look like its glowing with effects on photoshop or after effects. I've draw the design on paper with a blue pencil and then i also tried it on photoshop to see what looks better and ive decided that i will go over my images in photoshop.

Monday, 11 April 2011

After Effects practice

This is my practice on After Effects CS5 which i did during a tutorial to get used to the software.

These are some character ideas for the narrative cell workshop which was to make a animation frame by frame.

Sunday, 10 April 2011


1. Robot enters city

2. Robot walks down empty street

3. Walks past windows, other robots inside keeping away and staring at robot.

4. Zooms onto one robot looking outside, hand on window and following with eyes.

5. Robot comes to big round glowing device.

6. Jumps into device, bright lights seperate body. Glowing gets bigger body gets smaller until disappears.
This is my list of words that i got from the music. The stars next to the words are the ones i've chosen. I've chosen futuristic, isolated and strange.


I've decided to change one of my words and ideas, i was originally going to make an animtation about a creature/robot but now ive decided to go for a robot who is different from all the rest. The robot will be more elongated that the others and oddly shaped which causes the robot to be sad and isolated from the others because to them he is strange.

I'm unsure about the ending but i think im going to create it in such a way that it is unclear as to what happens and people can make their own minds up. I'm ending it where the robot comes to a giant glowing ball and jumps in. I'm going to make an effect that will make it look like the light is streaming through the joints of the robot like he is going to be teleported or incinerated, also the light will gradually grow until the robot is completely consumed. The viewers can make up their mind on what happens to the robot.

Friday, 8 April 2011


H.R.Giger's work is very strange and to some aspect disturbing, he creates nightmarish surreal dreamscapes and his most well known pieces are the focus on humans and machine like hybrids called 'Biomechanical'. I have been inspired by H.R.Giger since i did a project on him back at secondary school and i knew that my idea of a mechanical creature could be well inspired by his work.

The Fly

I've decided on creating a hybrid for my animation to represent the word strange and it will also have the idea of futuristic. I'm going to create a creature which is also part robot. As i thought of the idea i remembered the end of the movie The Fly where Seth Brundle (Jeff Goldblum)has transformed into a human/fly hybrid, he trys to tranform himself back but it goes wrong again and half of the machine teleports with him turning him into a human/fly/robotic being. My ideas wont be as disturbing as the creation in this movie, its just an example. Unfortuantly i couldnt find a clear enough photo of it or a clip on youtube.


Here are some pictures of robots that i could take some inspiration from to help develop my idea for my animation. Robots are futuristic and could be involved in my animation.

Futuristic World

I started to think about a scene for the animation which could be futuristic and i instently thought of Coruscant from the movies Star Wars. I also thought about flying cars and space ships so i looked at some pictures from the movies.

I've also looked at some other designs aside from Star Wars. Here are some of the pictures.